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This is the penultimate page of the Red Calaveras and I want to thank someone very special to me. I met Natos coles some years ago, I was really low and doubted my work a lot. here I was, thinking I couldn't ever be an artist and all of the sudden here come this bald, rock and rolling, jumping ball of energy. He didn't created his art, he lived it. every aspect of his life was build around the fact that he was a storm of music, creation and talent, and he did not gave a shit if no one listened to him, he didn't care if people talked to him, or listened to him, he played his guitar and screw the rest of the universe. He is on this good earth to create and nothing else. He had this crew of guys who were almost as hardcore as he was (mike and kyle and sam) and he has picked up a couple more as the years went by. This guy is an animal, he is everything we all as artists should be. What drives him is not the promise of money, glory, fame, applause or anything else. This man has no hubris. Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band is what we all should try to be. if everyone was 10% like Nato, the world would be such a great place. I am super lucky to be his friend. This comic exists because i decided to be 10% like him. This one is for you, Nato.