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On july 4th of 2011 was the date when we first uploaded the first comic. now 5 years later we come to the end. But this is the first act. everything will be concluded in north star rock and roll radio, over at northstarrockandrollradio.com starting in 2017. also we have a couple of big things coming up. we will be publishing the omnibus of this comic, which means all the pages plus a special preview of NSRRR. I thank you for following the adventures of the Calavera Family and I hope you guys enjoyed it all as much as I did while creating it. Personally I want to thank all the readers that have stuck since forever! specially the people that don't know me in real life. I know we have some awesome readers in greece and italy and england and japan that have stayed with us since forever. I don't know your names, but i know that you exist and I thank you. I made this comic for you. I hope you come back for the next adventure... Erik Lervold July 2, 2016